Information security and resilience are now more important than ever for your business.

We’ll help you manage the current generation of cyber-threats, unexpected disruptions and demands of a mobile work-force.

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We help clients large and small, all over the globe – from New Plymouth to New York.

Here are just some of our great solutions:

Protect Your Business:

Bulletproof Back Up & DR

Never worry about tapes, disasters, human error or resiliency ever again – Our total back-up and disaster recovery solution is completely hands-free, and will protect you from just about any scenario you can imagine.

Next Generation Cyber-Security: Guaranteed

Your traditional anti-virus software simply can’t keep pace with today’s sophisticated and every increasing cyber-threats & ransomware. Get real, guaranteed cyber-protection with our next generation end point protection solutions.

Dark Web ID Protection

Our unique Dark Web ID monitoring solution prevents your staff’s credentials and passwords being traded on the Dark Web – protecting your business from the risk of phishing, hacking and ransomware attacks.

Enhance Your Business:

IT Infrastructure

We’ve been building & supporting IT infrastructure for over 26 years. Experience first hand how easy infrastructure procurement can be, and ensure you always get the best solutions and value.

Enhanced Office 365

Office 365 is a great tool for business, but we can make it even better with enhanced back-up, filtering and support. We’ll make your Office 365 experience the best it can possibly be, all while driving down costs.

Managed, Affordable IT Support

Prepare to redefine your idea of great support – our state-of-the-art remote IT management platform coupled with highly personal service will provide your business with a level of proactive IT support you didn’t think was possible – and save you money.

Unleash Your Business:

Public and Private Cloud

Its true – we’ve got our very own private cloud here in Wellington, with out-of-region and out-of-country redundancy. We’ve also partnered with Azure, AWS, and New Zealand’s leading public cloud service, Catalyst Cloud – to provide the most affordable, resilient hosted infrastructure solutions available.

Cloud Concierge

We’ll take the pain out of managing your multiple cloud environments, by optimising consumption models, slashing costs, and simplifying billing. You’ll be amazed how easy it is, and love the simplicity.

Cloud Transformation & Architecture

Let Silicon guide you on your journey to cloud. We’ve got some of the brightest minds in the industry to help you strategise, design, deploy and manage your cloud transformation, in a way that seamlessly integrates with your business.

“From infrastructure to expertise, and everything in between – Silicon is your complete end-to-end IT  solutions provider.”

Liam O’Keeffe, Managing Director

Devices Deployed

Years in Business

Combined Years Expertise


Silicon helps businesses succeed in these key industries:


Silicon has a track record spanning 26 years servicing the government sector across agencies from 10 to 10,000 staff.


We help construction companies reduce risk,  lower IT costs, and boost productivity so they can focus on building New Zealand.


Our experience supporting & understanding manufacturing companies means they stay protected, productive and profitable.

IT Sector

Other technology companies choose Silicon for good reason – we understand their business and let them focus on their technology solutions – not their technology challenges.


We help the entertainment industry stay engaged with their customers 24/7, boosting their revenue and enhancing their customers’ experience.


Our experience covers tertiary, secondary and primary institutions, delivering consulting, project resource and infrastructure to education providers that value the power of technology.

Here’s what some of our clients are saying:


“With Silicon, we have a level of trust that makes doing business efficient, sustainable and enjoyable”  ~ Tim Simpson, CIO Resene Paints
“Silicon’s service levels are the best  I’ve ever encountered from any ICT solutions partner”  ~ Brian Rumbelow, CIO Teamtalk
Resene Paints has a complex nationwide network of over 600 endpoints across more than 100 locations – maintaining a robust IT environment is critical to our business. Silicon are an integral factor in our ability to effectively deliver IT services. They provide managed services, hosted email & server infrastructure, cloud services back-up and security, with the peace of mind that we have highly skilled people managing our infrastructure. This allows us to focus on our business value-adds, and differentiating ourselves with technology that will support our customer experience and brand. With Silicon we have an understanding and level of trust that makes doing business efficient, sustainable and enjoyable.
Teamtalk supports a network of 90 staff, located across New Zealand that demand rapid, effective service. The team at Silicon understand our business and are able to offer objective, pro-active advice. Service levels, first point of contact resolution and response times are the best I’ve ever encountered from any ICT solutions partner. Silicon work hard to really understand their clients and become trusted ICT solutions partners rather than the traditional vendor-client relationship. SIlicon are part of my IT team.

“Silicon are the yardstick by which I measure all other service providers”  ~ Marty Dinniss, Managing Director Dinniss Communications

“For over 12 years, Silicon have set the benchmark for me of what great service really is”  ~ Chris Corke – Managing Director, Corum
Silicon have been our preferred partner for all things It for over 13 years. During that time they’ve created a robust & resilient environment, that we know is well supported. We also know they’ll always provide, sound, impartial advice.
Silicon Really Set the benchmark for incredible service. They’ve been supporting our business for over 10 years, and their advice, service and products have remained exceptional throughout that time.

DarkWeb Protection


Find out why our Dark Web ID Monitoring tool could be the best investment you make for your business this year.

Ransomware Protection

Never pay the ransom with our manned and monitored, next generation end point protection solution from SentinelOne.

Never worry about Backups ever again.

Our Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is the most complete, simple to use business continuity Solution available.

8 Reasons to choose Silicon:

There are many great reasons to choose Silicon as your technology partner. Here are just a few:


We Listen.

Our approach to providing solutions is relatively simple, but not always that common. We listen, ask questions and take time to understand your business, culture and objectives. These simple steps ensure that we are best equipped to develop solutions that fit.

Dedicated Technology Development Team

We support all of our clients with a dedicated Technology Development team, comprised of solution and technical experts that work hard to fully understand your business’ operations, resources and goals. Your team is 100% dedicated to enhancing your business in every way possible.

Calls answered in 15 seconds or less - GUARANTEED

We answer all phone calls in 15 seconds or less and will begin work on your problem or query immediately, using our state of the art remote management and support tools.

We Follow Up.

We understand that it takes two to tango when developing the best solutions. To ensure we understand your business as best as possible, we’ll be sure to give you the odd nudge here and there to ensure we maintain momentum and gather all the information we need to deliver the best solutions possible.

Suitability over Profitability

Unlike many other technology providers, we’ll always recommend the best solution, not the most profitable one.  Our approach to fully understanding your objectives ensures that our focus is on solutions that are best fit – not best profit.

We Deliver.

Our track record speaks for itself. Clients large and small have benefitted from our solutions and valued our no-nonsense approach to delivery time and time again. A Total Quality Management Philosophy is engrained in everything that we do, and we remain dedicated to maintaining our reputation for the best service and advice available.

27 years and counting

We’ve been doing this longer than most – 27 years and counting. In that time we’ve gone from strength to strength, continually refining our support and delivery processes, and keeping pace with the ever changing pace of technology to consistently deliver great solutions.

Technology Enhancement Roadmap

We develop for you a Technology Enhancement (TE) roadmap which is used to continuously improve all aspects your IT environment, using our technical and strategic expertise to deliver solutions that ultimately provide value to your business. Our job is to stay ahead of the game, so you don’t have to.

Look no further. Enhance your business today.