Security Awareness Management

The most effective way to minimise security incidents and unforeseen remediation costs.

No matter the size of your organisation – your employees are constantly targeted by attackers, who know that a single successful phishing attempt could mean access to everything on the corporate network and more.

In todays threat landscape, end-users need regular and consistent cyberawareness training to empower them to become a business’ first line of defence – not its weakest link.

While your business may have implemented a holistic security perimeter, including end-point protection, DNS filtering and anti-spam measures, over 90% of successful security breaches involve a human element such as a social engineering attempt or spear-phising attack.

How Silicon can help:

Silicon’s Security Awareness Management is a continuous, relevant and measurable cyber-education platform. It will enhance your employees understanding of cyber-security risks and help them avoid compromising your business – ultimately delivering great value through risk mitigation.


Here are the key features:


Employee Education

Cybersecurity training must be engaging, interactive and easy to consume to get employees attention and achieve lasting results. All of our high quality courses fit the bill and can be sent directly to employees on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis. They can also launch all courses in one click from any browser or mobile device.

Phishing Simulations

Silicon Security Awareness Management includes random¬† white hat phishing attacks to your employees email accounts. These simulations provide valuable data on your employee’s level of awareness and vulnerability. Appropriate awareness programs can then be directed to users accordingly.

Customised Reporting

We provide phishing campaign statistics and generate per-user action reports and others to measure ROI. Our campaign Executive Summary Report highlights the campaign data and results of the training so accountability and value is always clear.

All of this in a completely ‘done-for-you’ program.

What Results to expect

Organisations who deploy security awareness training typically see improvements of between 26% and 99% in their phishing email click rates, with an average improvement rate of 64%. Passwords also become more secure, and more regularly changed.


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