Make your employees the front line of cyber defence.

Security Awareness Management from Silicon is a continuous, relevant and measurable cyber-security education platform that will enhance your employees understanding of cyber-security risks and help them avoid compromising your business.

Here’s what Security Awareness Management delivers:

Ongoing Employee Education

We send video based security awareness training to your team multiple times per year. Thsi is followed up by a short quiz to assess awarenwess. Consumption of training material is monitord closely, so we can ensure that all staff receive training.

There are numerous ‘ready-to-eat’ training modules and we can even build customer training for your team. 

Phishing Simulations

We schedule phishing simulations to assess overall awareness multiple times per year. The data collected forms a report, and provides a picture of your organisations performance, so you can ensure than your exposure is reduced as employees increase their awareness.

Progress Reporting

Our program delivers bi-monthly reporting, to provide your business with a running scoresheet of your organisations overall security awareness. This is where you see the real value in the program.

Here’s why you need it:

Cyber-attacks are on the rise

Its unfortunate but true – cyber-attacks, and in particular social engineering attacks such as phishing and spear-phishing are being used by cyber-criminals at increasing levels. A strong level of awareness is critical in avoiding these attacks.

90% of breaches arise from well-meaning employees

Your employees are often the weakest link in your line of defence – simply because they aren’t aware of the dangers of social engineering attacks, and how to spot them. Our program improves overall awareness in a measurable way.

Over 90% of malware is delivered via email

Cyber-criminals recognise that its easier to ‘trick’  people into voluntarily providing credentials or installing malware, than it is to use brute force. Our program gauges real risk through simulated attacks, and provides training to staff who need it most.

Strong awareness requires an on-going program

An on-going program allows you to see the improvement across your organisation, as well as ensuring security awareness stays front of mind with your employees. It also means new employees are involved in the culture of awareness.

Download the Security Awareness Management   Solution Brief:

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