Silicon CloudSuite

Affordable, Accessible and Local IT infrastructure Services.

With 26 years of experience delivering best-in-class infrastructure, Silicon delivers a resilient suite of cloud infrastructure and capabilities – all with the same first-class service our clients have always had.

Here’s what makes up Silicon CloudSuite:

Virtual Servers

Our Virtual Server instances provide the flexibility of scalable capacity on demand, in a format that requires no self management or complex monthly billing. Just a simple monthly fee for resilient, powerful servers – hosted right here in New Zealand with optional geo-redundancy for the ultimate in protection.

Hosted Exchange

If you don’t want the headaches and overheads of running your own Exchange environment but you need your data stored in New Zealand, Silicon’s hosted Exchange solution is for you. High availability, completely flexibility, data sovereignty and per-mailbox pricing means you get the best of both worlds – as-a-service consumption of your very own locally hosted Exchange environment.

Hosted Private Infrastructure

If you want the flexibility and control of managing your own virtual server environment, but without the pain of managing or owning infrastructure, our Hosted Private Infrastructure solution is for you. Predictable monthly costs, a secure and protected environment, with the ability to self deploy VMs puts you in the driver’s seat with the confident that your infrastructure is in safe hands.

6 Reasons to Choose Silicon CloudSuite:

It's Local

Rather than have your infrastructure located at some undisclosed location overseas, wouldn’t you feel safer knowing your systems and data are stored close by and governed by NZ law? We thought so. Plus, being closer often means better performance.

It's Accessible

Being nearby, our datacentre is always accessible and, you can always get hold of us. No automated phone systems or overseas helpdesks – phone us and you’ll be talking to an engineer in seconds.

It's Affordable

Many cloud provider pricing plans just don’t stack up – they’re often far more expensive than owning your own infrastructure. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Our pricing structures are affordable, and flexible.

It's Secure

Our security systems, fire & seismic protection, and access policies ensure that your infrastructure’s security is not something you have to worry about.

It's Resilient

With a level of redundancy that most businesses simply can’t justify, Our datacentre ensures optimum resiliency to keep you up and running at all times.

You Can Trust Us

Having provided IT infrastructure solutions to New Zealand government and businesses for over 26 years, Silicon is a name you can trust to keep your infrastructure safe and secure.

Want to know more about Silicon CloudSuite? call us today on 04 499 4999.