SiliconIAM™ Identity and Access Management provides single sign-on, authentication and conditional access and password management across your technology stack.

Poor user management and onboarding processes can result in lost productivity, poor internal service and security risks. 

If you aren’t managing your users effectively, you open your business to all sorts of problems – wasted resource, poor user experience, loss of control and visibility, and perhaps most importantly security risks.

SiliconIAM powered by JumpCloud™ addresses these problems with a complete Cloud Directory Service that is vendor neutral and hyper secure.


Organisations that benefit from Identify and Access Management powered by JumpCloud™ : 

Heterogeneous Environments

Organisations wishing to manage Windows, macOS and Linux devices, those that utilise Office 365, GSuite, Salesforce and other SaaS applications as well as those that exist in a hybrid or cloud environment, will all benefit from SiliconIAM.


Cloud First and Remote Resources

SiliconIAM allows businesses to quickly onboard and offboard users across all application and network resources and manage remote employees and resources security without VPNs and all from a central cloud-based location. Domain Controllers become a thing of the past.

Focused on Security

SiliconIAM protects user credentials through enforced password requirements, rotation and MFA. It also aids in achieving compliance with industry standards such as ISO, SOC and more.

With SiliconIAM you can Connect your Employees…….

...To Any Resource

Secure user access to devices, apps, files, networks and other resources with a Zero Trust Security model from a cloud-based central management portal.

...From Any Location

Configure and secure remote devices and connect remote users to all their digital resources, making managing work-from-home employees a breeze.

...From a Trusted Device

Push policies, monitor compliance and streamline audits across your IT environment from one centralised platform. SiliconIAM provides a single source of truth and management for user and device activity for accurate real-time visibility.

...With 1 Secure Identity

Easily import identities from your HR system to simplify and automate identity management, then keep those identities secure with native MFA and enforced password policies.

…All from the Cloud.

To find out more about how SiliconIAM can enhance and secure your business, call us today on 04 499 4999.