Office 365 is a great tool. We’ll make it even better.

SiliconĀ will make your Office 365 environment more secure, more capable and better protected.

Its a bit like buying a new house. You’ll get locks on the doors, but if you really want to stop the bad guys getting in, you need to go to the next level and install some additional security.

We take your Office 365 environment to the next level by enhancing it with the following tools:

Enhanced Threat Protection for O365

More than 90% of targeted attacks start with email, and these threats are always evolving. Your security for Office 365 email must keep up. Silicon’s Enhanced Threat Protection for O365 offers key differentiators that complement the platform by:

– Protecting against malware and non-malware threats with industry leading
– Preventing impostor email threats with dynamic classification.
– Analysing malicious URLs and attachments.

Backup Protection for O365

There is a widespread misconception that data created and stored in Office 365 does not need to be backed up. When data is deleted or corrupted, companies face three major problems: Lost data, lost time and lost cash. Silicon’s enhanced backup protection for Office 365 protects you from:


  • Ransomware attacks
  • Data loss due to permanent deletion
  • Additional costs & data loss due to inactive licenses
  • Data loss when restoring files
  • Data loss within previous file drafts
  • Malicious employee behaviour
  • Business downtime

Centrally Managed Signatures for O365

Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 is a multi-award winning Office 365 signature management service, that allows you to centrally manage professional signatures for all users sending email from any device, including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

The user interface is incredibly easy to use – anyone can create, design and manage email signatures within minutes, ensuring your business is sending a consistent, standardised branding message. You can create as many different signatures as you like for different departments, levels, or groups.

Exclaimer comes with a dynamic drag-and-drop editor, so signatures can be easily created by any authorised user. You’ll also be able to preview how signatures will look before you send them out.

To find out more about Enhanced Office 365 from Silicon, call us today on 0800 4 SILICON.