Chances are, your employees credentials are for sale on the darkweb.

Darkweb ID from Silicon will detect your compromised credentials on a daily basis, and alert you whenever any are found. You can then make sure those employees change their passwords immediately.

Here’s how  Darkweb ID keeps your business safe:

Daily monitoring of darkweb credential trading forums

Darkweb ID scans the dark web on a daily basis, hunting for credentials associated with your domain. Alerts are sent in real time, so you can take immediate action and gain deeper awareness into your security gaps, before cyber-criminals have a chance to steal from you.

Protects cloud business applications

While cloud platforms like Office 365, Xero and Salesforce provide many benefits, they also open your organisation to risk. Unfortunately over 55% of people use the same password form multiple platforms meaning that even if a person’s personal credentials are compromised, their business credentials could be at risk as well. 

Extends security to the supply chain

Some cyber-attacks against your company will come from exposures involving third party vendors in your supply chain. The growing need for cyber supply chain risk management has prompted forward thinking businesses to use Darkweb ID monitoring.

Here’s how Darkweb ID works:

24/7 Monitoring

Darkweb ID monitors hidden chatrooms, unindexed sites, private websites, P2P networks, internet relay chat channels, social media platforms, black market sites and over 640,000 botnets to continually hunt for compromised credentials associated with your domain(s).

Email Monitoring

Your executives and board members often have greater access to systems, information and sensitive data. If their personal credentials are compromised, the attacker may use social engineering techniques to attack your business. Darkweb ID can also monitor these personal email addresses for added protection.

Monthly Reporting

As well as daily alerts, you’ll receive a monthly summary report that provides an overview of your businesses exposure. The more information and visibility you have, the better you can respond to threats, and ensure security policies are constantly assessed.

Alert Ticketing

With Darkweb ID, you have the option of automatic support ticket generation for any credentials compromised. This ensures that subsequent remedial action, such as password changes, is carried out and the ticket is only closed once the required changes have been verified.

Download the Darkweb ID Solution Brief:

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