Don’t put up with sub-standard IT Management & Support.

Maestro Managed Services from Silicon allows businesses large and small to forget about internal IT systems management and support – and focus on key business activities.

Here’s what Maestro does:

Automates Server and Desktop Maintenance

Key functions such as security patches and updates are done automatically, without disruption to users or services, to keep your environment secure, consistent and reliable – both on-site and in the cloud.

Protects from All Types of Cyber-Attacks

Our advanced AI-powered protection platform will prevent, detect, respond to and undo known and unknown threats. Our SOC response team works around the clock, 365 days a year to shut down and wind back attacks as soon as they happen.

Provides Remote Helpdesk Support

Our team of services engineers are on-hand to help keep your staff productive. Our state-of-the-art remote management tools allow us to instantly view and control affected machines so we can respond to service requests immediately.

Here’s how Maestro helps businesses succeed:

Reduces Cost

Automated and proactive management, immediate support from talented engineers and better security all result in efficiency and cost savings for your business.

Better Security

Our state of the art threat protection platform is the best in the business. A multi-layered approach beefs up security, and reduces risk for your organisation and your teams.

Better Reliability

Maestro can identify and address problems before they become failures or interruptions meaning more uptime, and fewer issues across your environment.

Happy Users

Better support from a team of experts who care, means happier users. Instant access , visibility and response means even happier users!

Supports IT Teams

Maestro will make your internal IT support team look like rock-stars. They’ll be able to focus on line-of-business support and leave infrastructure, Windows and Office support and management  to the experts. 

Cost Consistency

Maestro provides predictable, consistent monthly costs for your IT support. What’s more, its easily scalable, so you never pay for more than you use.

To find out more about how Maestro from Silicon can enhance your business, call us today on 04 499 4999.