Silicon will make your journey to the cloud a walk in the park, not an uphill battle.

The cloud can be a daunting proposition. Fortunately, we’re here to make it easy. We’ve helped businesses large and small cut through the clutter and hype, to develop cloud strategies and solutions that make sense technically, financially and practically.

These are the key outcomes our cloud team deliver:

Cloud Feasibility

We’ll help you determine if the cloud is right for your business workloads and budget. And if so, which platform and structure makes the most sense.

Cloud Architecture & Transformation Strategy

If a cloud based eco-system makes sense for you, Silicon can architect a best-in-class cloud design, along with a plan to effectively migrate your workloads with minimal disruption, cost and risk.

Cloud Migration & Support

When the design and migration approach is confimed, our cloud delivery team can manage your cloud migration using best-in-class migration toolsets and methodologies.

Here’s how we do it:

Collaborative Discovery

The foundation for the entire Cloud transformation process, our 5 stage discovery process focusses on people, process and technology. We work closely with our clients to build a detailed picture from which to make informed decisions, supported throughout by comprehensive project management.


A quality discovery phase lays the platform for a thorough situational analysis. It is at this stage that feasibility assessments, platform evaluation and cost analysis are complete, resulting in considered recommended options and actions.


Based on the assessments of the previous phases, we begin a collaborative design process, using best practice methodologies and proven design elements, involving our clients along the way.


With a suite of industry leading migration tools our deployment team will implement the agreed design, and move your workloads  with minimal disruption to your business operations.


Once your cloud transformation has taken place, we’ll be there to keep a hand on the wheel, and ensure a smooth transition for your teams and your business.

Review & Refine

Throughout the environment lifecycle, we will constantly review your environment, considering any opportunities to improve, refine or utilise emerging tools to provide additional value on an on-going basis.

Our Preferred Cloud Platforms: 

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