Silicon is proud to partner with New Zealand’s most open and agile public cloud.

Catalyst Cloud is New Zealand’s first¬† true public cloud platform. It delivers robust and innovative cloud services in New Zealand with prices comparable to global cloud providers.


Catalyst Cloud’s mission is to enable the growth of New Zealand’s digital economy with state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and platform services delivered onshore.

Partnering with Silicon, the Catalyst Cloud delivers Microsoft Windows and SQL server instances on demand, with an optional Managed Services component provided by Silicon – to deliver end-to-end cloud solutions.

“Silicon Systems managed services are ideal for customers who want to delegate the management of their Microsoft based applications to a trusted provider.”

Bruno Lago

General Manager, Catalyst Cloud

Here’s how Catalyst Cloud helps businesses succeed:

Open by Nature

Proud members of the open source movement, Catalyst believe open standards deliver superior value and freedom to customers. 

Faster Experience

Local data centres means lower network latency. Some customers report a 30% faster user experience after moving their web applications from Australia to Catalyst Cloud.

Pay as you Go

Pay only for the services you use by the hour. Our pricing model is similar to utilities like electricity and gas, but without fixed-term contracts, connection or termination fees.

Managed Services

Silicon provides state-of-the-art maintenance and monitoring for Catalyst Cloud Windows server instances that ensure servers are regularly updated, monitored and protected from cyber-threats.

To find out more about the Silicon and Catalyst Cloud partnership, call us today on 04 499 4999.