TGIF or Friyay – which ever you prefer it’s that day of the week we love to love! Now for someone we know you will love to, meet Mary Ann 🌺
Role – Sales & Logistics Coordinator 
Favourite Food – Apart from Filipino it would be Japanese
Favourite Band – Coldplay
Favourite Movie – The Notebook
Favourite Craft Beer – ….Not a beer fan…….
Dream Car – VW Tiguan
Hobbies – Reading, family time and movies
Best Mum Joke – hmmm Q: What is the mummy’s favourite musical program? A: Name that tomb!
Best part about working at Silicon – It has to be the work life balance. I love flexibility in and out of the office and our office is always changing and evolving.
From the Silicon Team we hope you all have a great weekend ahead and we’ll have some more on our Chief Information Officer who is back from the USA now and ready to introduce himself, Stay tuned to meet JB 👨‍💻🤖👾
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