Happy Friday from the team and boy what a Friday it is indeed! 
We’ve got the guy that never stops working – Our one and only, CTO – Hugo van Gorkom 🤖👨‍💻🧟‍♂
Role – Chief Technology Officer AKA Grumpy Hugo (we disagree but that’s what he thinks) 
Favourite food – Malaysian & Italian
Favourite band – Lo’Jo or Ojos de Brujo
Favourite movie – The English Patient
Favorite craft beer – any old Dark ones
Dream car – Lotus 7 (as in The Prisoner)
Hobbies – science things like astrophysics, SI mountains
Best (dad) joke – Daughter: “Dad, I’m hungry”, Dad: “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad!” (groan)
Favourite part about working at Silicon – It’s the best little computer company! Well not so little anymore!
Stay tuned next week to meet Steve – Technical Engineer buy day… you’ll find out what by night next week.
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