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Get the most out of your server infrastructure.

Virtualisation dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your business.

We’ve got some of the best virtualisation expertise around, providing strategy, design, implementation and support expertise to some of New Zealand's most complex virtual environments.

Our expertise spans both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, so whether your business is large or small, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our unique blend of both virtualisation and hardware expertise means a one-stop-shop for businesses wanting to migrate to a virtual environment.

Optimise your server environment with our FREE capacity planning session.


Silicon uses VMWare capacity planner to provide an integrated set of analysis, planning and decision making support functions to enable a faster, measurable and more accurate infrastructure assessment.   Our capacity planner tool can be used no matter what your target Virtual environment is. It will provide capacity assessments, and consolidation estimates so you can be confident about utilising your infrastructure to its fullest - without over provisioning resource.   To sign up for a FREE VMWare capacity planning session, click the button below.
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Our key Virtualisation Partners:

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Want to know more about Virtualisation Services from Silicon? Give us a call. We'd love to talk. 04 499 4999