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For us, Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word used to keep shareholders & customers happy.

For us, sustainability reflects a commitment as Kiwis to keeping our country and our planet the way we like it - clean and green. Its also about maximising the utilisation and lifecycle of the things around us. That's partly why we’re so passionate about quality - we value things that stand the test of time and we want what we deliver to reflect that.

In 2010, we became the first IT company in New Zealand to achieve ISO 14001 certification, providing assurance to us and our customers that environmental impact is being managed and improved.

Here are some of the ways we do our part:

We use energy efficient heating and lighting, all turned off at night of course. We drive energy efficient vehicles, with an average fuel consumption of around 7.5L/100km.
We recycle heaps of stuff - packaging, paper, cardboard, plastic, copper & components. We have a “box return’ program where customers are able to have their PC boxes collected and reused or recycled.
We choose partners who have sound sustainability practices also We carpool!

Check out the sustainability initiatives from some of our major partners:

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