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We’ve been around a while now. Here are some highlights.

Our Story begins over 23 years ago, in a very trendy peach & coral coloured office, back when boxy was in, and beige was cool.

After 2 years refining & documenting our processes and procedures, Silicon becomes the first computer company in New Zealand to gain ISO9001 certification.

Silicon has forged a solid reputation for building the highest quality PC hardware available. We’re now building Servers.

Building on our growing server architecture expertise, we build and deliver some of the first blade servers in New Zealand to NZ Stock Exchange, and NZ Racing Board.

Virtualisation has become mainstream, and Silicon becomes a VMware Enterprise Partner.

Design and construction of our very own datacentre begins, ushering in a new era for Silicon, providing Infrastructure as a Service.

We flick the on switch in our datacentre and launch CloudSuite, our range of IT infrastructure services.