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Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s standard.

In 2009, Facebook set out to develop innovative data centre server and storage solutions that were both energy and cost efficient. In an unprecedented move, Facebook decided to share its designs with the larger community in an effort to promote and encourage power efficiency and future innovation. The Open Compute Project (OCP) was born.

The result of these efforts are vanity-free infrastructure solutions that are up to 38% more efficient and up to 24% less expensive to build and run than traditional server and storage infrastructure.

Silicon is proud to be the first provider in New Zealand to deliver OCP infrastructure.

Why OCP is Awesome:

Scale out with solutions that protect capital investment for years to come and leverages the latest technologies.   Vanity-free designs and super-efficient architecture means lower total costs of ownership.   Up to 38% more energy efficient that traditional server and storage infrastructure.   A vast array of compute, network, power and storage options to tailor-make a solution that works for your enterprise.

Who is OCP Suitable for?

Cloudsuite Fortress   Cloudsuite Fortress

Large Scale Enterprise


Software as a Service Provider

Cloudsuite Fortress   Cloudsuite Fortress

Large Financial Institutions


Users of High Performance Computing and Analytics

Just some of the businesses who have adopted the Open Compute Standard:


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