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Mobility isn't just about devices anymore.

Developing a mobile workforce these days involves more than just acquiring mobile computing devices. Businesses need to consider how these mobile devices are managed and supported, how information is delivered to remote users, and much more.

We can help your business enable your mobile workforce with the best tools and best practices to deliver optimum productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Here's how we can help your business be more mobile:

We can recommend and provide the most suitable mobile devices for your needs and budget. What's more, we can manage these devices for you to provide a seamless, low hassle solution that frees up your time for more important things.   Your mobility strategy depends on a robust network. Silicon can help you ensure that the connectivity to and within your business allows your team to enjoy optimal accessibility, productivity and flexibility.   Having the right productivity tools are essential to any successful business. Silicon can assist your business in identifying and deploying technologies that maximise productivity via moblity, such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Office 365.

Our Mobility Partners:

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