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Silicon can help you secure your data and eliminate threats on any device, anywhere.

Let's face it - malware, phishing, spam and other web-borne threats aren’t going away. To ensure your business is protected from these threats, let Silicon tailor a mail and web security solution that fits your business and your budget.

With cloud based and on-premises options, we’ll develop a solution that allows you to focus on your business, not worry about threats.

Key Benefits:

We’ll tailor a solution for you that gives you the level of control and involvement you want.   Choose from a cloud based on on-premises solution that aligns with your overall IT strategy.   With Silicon, it's easy to enhance your Office 365 email protection - keeping threats at bay before they reach you.   We’ll match the right solution for your business - at the right cost.

Our Preferred Mail and Web Security Partners Are:

Want to know more about Mail and Web Secuirty Solutions from Silicon? Give us a call. We'd love to talk. 04 499 4999