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People. Process. Data. Things.

Yesterday, these things functioned independently. Today, the Internet of Everything (IoE) brings them all together to combine machine to machine, person to machine, and person to person connections..

What does this mean?

Information extracted from these networked connections creates new capabilities, richer experiences, and new opportunities. Silicon can help you deliver technologies and services to your business that help you capture the value of IoE.

Imagine a sensor on a car or medical device that sends information through the network to a database in real time. Here, data is analysed and the results are used to automatically improve fuel efficiencies or enhance patient care. This is the new IoE reality.

How can we help?

Cisco UCS unifies computing, networking, management, virtualisation and storage access into a single integrated architecture. This unique system enables end-to-end server visibility, management and control - giving you maximum flexibility to cope with the increasing and variable demands on connectivity, server loads, and applications needed in the IoE economy.   In the IoE era, applications are becoming the lifeblood of our economy. Additionally the ‘big data’ created by IoE creates an exponentially growing demand for data storage. With CloudSuite, Silicon can provide your business with a flexible infrastructure platform to run applications and store data, freeing up your time and resource to focus on delivering outcomes - not commissioning and maintaining infrastructure.   With an ever increasing number of connected devices on your network, why not rid yourself of the overhead of managing them all, with Maestro Managed Services from Silicon. Maestro allows you to focus on key business activities and forget about internal IT systems management and support. Maesto is powered by Kaseya, the world’s most powerful enterprise grade IT systems management tool.
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