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What do we do?

We enable your business with smart technology. Here's how we do it:

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Why hundreds of New Zealand organisations choose Silicon

With so many IT providers out there, what makes government departments, large companies
and small businesses choose Silicon?

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We build the best stuff.


We've been around for over 23 years.


We've always been all about quality.

Yep, our hardware solutions still outperform and outlast most stuff out there. And best of all it's still built by us right here in New Zealand.


That's a long time, especially in this game. Long enough to amass over a century of collective experience delivering the best IT solutions out there.


Since becoming New Zealand’s first ISO9001 certified IT company nearly 20 years ago, our total quality management philosophy has been the platform for everything we do.

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We're not afraid to bend the rules.


We're local, but we have global support.


We think like you do.

While we think big, we're small enough to be nimble, flexible and throw out the rule book when we need to, to deliver cost effective, innovative solutions.


With partners like Intel, Cisco, EMC and Microsoft, we've got a global support network in place to keep you up and running - but we're still locals at heart.


We love partnering with people who are passionate about quality, even if technology isn't your thing. We work hard to make sure partnering with us is rewarding and fun.

Have you got what it takes to partner with Silicon?

So you like what you see and you think you'd like to partner with Silicon? That's Great!

But you know the saying - you can't be everything to everybody. That's why we don't try to be. We maintain our focus of providing the best quality products and services to like minded customers who share the same values as us.

Here's what it takes:

You genuinely care about quality.

You recognise that bigger is not always better.

You want to be valued, not just a number.

You understand the concept of Total Cost of Ownership.

You value partnerships, not just suppliers.

You believe doing business should still be enjoyable!

What do our customers think?

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