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Worrying about data and systems loss just became a thing of the past.

As kiwis, we know that one of the biggest challenges businesses face is how to maximise business continuity and avoid business disruption following a disaster or server failure. But having an effective and affordable business continuity plan doesn’t have to be difficult.

Fortress from Silicon is a suite of back-up and disaster recovery solutions that take the complexity, hassle, and risk out of your business continuity planning.

With out-of-region back-up, on-site replication and bare metal recovery to the same system, or to a completely new environment, we’ll make sure you’re covered if the worst should happen. We can even provision you your own standby server and storage environment thats ready to go, immediately, should you need it.

And, best of all, Fortress solutions are provided as a service, so there’s no upfront costs, capital outlay or unknown maintenance overheads - just one, predictable monthly charge.

Here's what you get with Fortress:

Best In class local and/or out of region data protection that captures full, differential and incremental changes of your entire system.
Unlike most cloud back up services, we provide bare metal recovery meaning system restore times can be hours rather than weeks.
Allows full services to resume from either local or out of region infrastructure thats 100% dedicated to your business. We can even ship it to a new location.
Quickly browse to specific files and folders in your point-in-time back up images to perform granular recovery of your data in just minutes.

How does it work?

What does it cost?

A tailored, comprehensive and fully managed Fortress BDR solution can cost about the same as many basic cloud back up services - but with many more benefits.

Click here for our Fortress Pricing Guide.

Want to know more about Fortress from Silicon? Give us a call. We'd love to talk. 04 499 4999