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Free up your capital with Leasing & Financing options from Silicon.

If you want to invest in your IT infrastructure but don’t want to disrupt cashflow, we can help. Silicon can provide operating lease and lease-to-own options for equipment, software and services, so you can turn your wish list into reality.

Leasing lets you keep your technology up to date, passing on the financial burden of obsolescence and gives you predictable monthly expenses.

3 good reasons to consider financing your infrastructure:

With a lease, you dont’ have to pay for your solution up front and you’ll have predictable, monthly expenses, freeing up cashflow and capital for other areas.   Leasing Options allow your business to easily keep your infrastructure up to date. When your exisiting lease expires, you’re free to lease a brand new solution.   Leasing can by advantageous from an accounting and tax perspective, with operating lease payments treated as operating expenditure. (But talk to your accountant just to be sure)
Want to know more about leasing and financing service from Silicon? Give us a call. We'd love to talk.. 04 499 4999