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Here’s a few questions we get asked reasonably often.

Aren’t you guys just a hardware manufacturer?

No way. Although we still build awesome PC's & Servers, we’ve developed over the last 23 years into a collaborator of technology. Whether it be your physical infrastructure, your IT support, or your information systems, our aim is to provide the flexibility to contribute to whichever aspects of your IT function you need us to, sharing as much knowledge as we can along the way.

You still build hardware though, right? What makes your stuff better?

As long as there's a need for on site infrastructure, we’ll keep building it. And when you compete in the space we do, you have to do things extraordinarily well to remain competitive. To us, that means building hardware which works faster, and for longer, without failing. Often, this can be the difference between getting 2 years life out of your infrastructure and getting 4 years. 4 years obviously gives you a much lower total cost of ownership. We will always pride ourselves on consistently producing infrastructure that performs faster and longer than our competitors.

Does Silicon have an automated offshore call centre or can I talk to a real person?

We hate elevator music as much as you do, so there’s no way we’d make you sit there listening to it while you wait between menu options, then wait even longer for a human to talk to. When you phone us, our team answer the phone - usually within 2 rings.

Can Silicon support my organisation nationwide?

Absolutely. In fact, Silicon supports a network of infrastructure located both nationally and internationally through our service partners.

Why is Silicon hardware sometimes more expensive than other international brands?

As with most things, you get what you pay for. And we don’t believe in compromising the quality of our infrastructure or service just to sell at a slightly cheaper price. We also don’t subscribe to the loss leader approach of selling the bare minimum at a low price only to charge extra for recommended upgrades and accessories. Experience tells us that a superior product will provide better value for money and a lower total cost of ownership. Not to mention less hassle.

I want to minimise my capital expenditure. Does Silicon have financing options?

Yep. Silicon works with a number of financing companies to provide a range of financing options for organisations who want to structure their spending in a more operating focused manner. To find out more about financing options, give us a call.

Want to know more ? Give us a call. We'd love to talk. 04 499 4999