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Choose the device that suits your business.

Intel NUC

A revolution in ultra-compact design, the Intel NUC packages a fully scalable computing solution in the smallest possible form factor.

But don’t let the size fool you - the Intel NUC is powered by the latest Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, up to 32GB of RAM, and has a host of Solid State and SATA hard drive options. Wireless and Bluetooth are standard, as is dual display.

Silicon Super Mini

The Silicon Super Mini is efficiency personified. It’s a fully-fledged, latest generation workstation featuring the latest Intel Core Processors, but its only 23cm tall and 26cm deep, about one fifth of the size of a standard PC workstation.

With the reliability, performance and stability that Silicon is renowned for, the Silicon Super Mini will work harder and last longer than most other PCs. And best of all, it’s built and supported right here in New Zealand.

Silicon Slim Tower

The Silicon Slim Tower is a scalable, high performance workstation featuring the latest Core Technology from Intel. It supports Core i5 and Core i7 processors, up to 32GB RAM, up to 3 internal hard drives, and a choice of on-board or dedicated high performance graphics.

Just like its little brother, The Slim Tower from Silicon is built to last longer and perform better than anything else in its class.

Silicon Premier Station

If you need the ultimate in workstation performance and scalability, the Premier Station from Silicon is for you. Loads of performance and loads of space to pack in as many hard drives and graphics cards as you need.

The Silicon Premier Station is a homegrown beast that will make your colleagues think you’ve gained some sort of supernatural powers.

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