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Affordable, Accessible and Local IT Infrastructure Services.

With 23 years’ experience delivering best in class hardware and software, Silicon brings you an even more resilient suite of infrastructure and capabilities via the cloud - all with the same first class service.

Here's what makes up Silicon CloudSuite:

Cloudsuite Colo   Cloudsuite Server   Cloudsuite StoreIT

Let us take the complexity, cost and effort out of maintaining your own datacentre or server room.

Our robust and secure datacentre in Wellington ensures your infrastructure is always available, accessible and in safe hands.


Silicon Server provides both physical or virtual servers hosted at our datacentre.

Enjoy the flexibility of dedicated resource, or to adjust capacity on demand, so you only pay for what you use.


StoreIT eliminates the need for your organisation to invest in costly storage infrastructure.

It provides the flexibility and responsiveness to access storage on demand, as and when you need it.

From just $21 + GST
per 1U per month*.


From just $189 + GST
per month*.


From just $45 + GST
per TB per month*.

Cloudsuite Fortress   Cloudsuite Small Biz   Cloudsuite Sandpit

Silicon fortress allows you to easily scale your back up as your data increases and re-provision your environment in a disaster event.

If you’re looking for a completely hands off back up and DR solution, Silicon Fortress is it.


Smallbiz is a hybrid cloud solution that provides small businesses with all the benefits of Infrastructure as a Service, whilst keeping file stores locally to provide high speed file access performance.

Smallbiz is a great entry point into IT infrastructure as a Service.


Silicon SandpIT is an affordable, secure test and development environment. It allows your business to create a development environment in an extremely cost effective way, a critical factor in working on pre-business case or conceptual projects.

Want to know more about Cloudsuite services from Silicon? Give us a call. We'd love to talk. 04 499 4999

Meet our Datacentre:

cloudsuite ups biometric cooling

6 Reasons to choose Silicon Cloudsuite:

local   accessible   affordable

We're Local.


We're Accessible.


We're Affordable.

Rather than have your infrastructure located at some non-disclosed location overseas, wouldn’t you feel safer knowing your systems and data are stored close by and governed by NZ law? We thought so. Plus, being closer generally means better performance.


Being nearby, our datacentre is always accessible and, you can always get hold of us. No automated phone systems or overseas helpdesks - phone us and you’ll be talking to an engineer in seconds.


Many cloud provider’s pricing plans just don't stack up - they’re often more expensive than owning your own infrastructure. Kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? Our pricing structures are affordable, and flexible.

trustworthy   secure   resilient

We're Trustworthy.


It's Secure.


It's Resilient.

Having provided IT infrastructure solutions to New Zealand government and businesses for over 23 years, Silicon is a name you can trust to keep your infrastructure safe and secure.


Our security systems, seismic protection, and access policies ensure that your infrastructure’s security is not something you have to worry about.


With a level of redundancy that most businesses simply can’t justify, Our datacentre ensures your infrastructure enjoys a higher level of resiliency to keep you up and running at all times.

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