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Just what exactly is Cloud Computing?

"Cloud Computing" has become a very widely used term, with many slightly different meanings and definitions used to describe it. To keep things simple though, Cloud Computing is essentially about delivering applications and services to users via the internet.

The name "Cloud" computing was derived from the commonly used cloud image used in network diagrams to represent the internet. Think of the electricity industry as a comparison. Whilst most of us use electricity, very few of us generate it ourselves. In the early 1900's however, most businesses did generate their own power.

It wasn't until the 1930's that companies began to rely on electricity from large providers, once reliable electricity networks were established. This was much more cost effective, and let those companies focus on their core business. Today, in a similar way, Cloud Computing can often be provided to businesses in more cost effective, reliable way.

Here are the different types of Cloud Computing:




Where businesses access computer resource from an IaaS providers datacentre(s), to run any applications or environments they wish. IaaS allows businesses to quickly access hardware infrastructure as they need it, and eliminates the requirement to invest in their own server infrastructure, reducing capital expenditure and typically improving internal service levels.


An environment and set of tools that allows users to create their own new on-line applications. This can be a cost effective way for organisations to develop new applications, which can be accessed either privately or publicly. Examples of PaaS include Microsoft's Windows Azure and SalesForce's


SaaS allows people to use off-the-shelf applications over the internet. Some SaaS products are available to users for free, such as Microsoft Hotmail and Google Gmail. Other SaaS products are paid for by users using a subscription model. Examples of paid SaaS products include Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and Xero. SaaS is an excellent model for collaborative working, and is accessible from any computer with an internet connection.


Is Cloud Computing right for me?

That really depends on a number of factors, including what your business objectives are, the quality and price of the internet available to your business, your current infrastructure and and how comfortable you are with disseminating your businesses information into the cloud.

Many companies are enjoying great benefits from the different types of cloud computing available. However some are still not ready to move to the cloud for various reasons.

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