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Save money, regain control and make better decisions with your cloud environment.

If you’re already using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver cloud services to your business, you’ll understand the business benefits that it can provide. But you’ll also know it can be frustrating managing your AWS cloud - it can quickly become a complex landscape, making it difficult to track usage, performance and costs.

Cloud Optimisation from Silicon overcomes these challenges by providing granular visibility, performance and cost optimisation recommendations for your cloud via a simple, customisable management dashboard.

And best of all, it's absolutely free.

Key Benefits:

Ensure that your cloud deployment is optimally priced, sized and utilised.   Understand your cloud spend and eliminate shocking and convoluted monthly bills.   Visualise your usage and performance trends in one place.   Research your deployment’s performance and cost across platforms.

Optimisation features you'll love:


The powerful optimisation tool constantly seeks for inefficiencies and provides actionable recommendations for maintaining the most cost-effective deployment. This is done through right-sizing of under-utilised cloud resources and recommendations for pricing model modifications.

Customisable Dashboard

Create relevant dashboards in seconds, highlighting only what information is relevant to each user immediately upon login.

Accurate and Reliable Cost Allocation

The innovative Cost Allocation 360° engine enables IT departments to produce reliable and accurate cost allocation reports at any level in the enterprise hierarchy while accounting for all cloud costs, including those that are naturally unallocatable (support, data transfer, Reserved Instances and more).

Scheduled Reporting and Alerts

Impose cloud governance and promote accountability within your organisation by scheduling reports to be sent on a regular basis to a custom distribution list. Control your cloud by setting alerts that are pushed to users as usage and cost approach or breach pre-determined thresholds.


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